By Nhất Quán


The musk is a very fragrant material that comes from the body of a male animal called a musk. This kind of animal is a bit like a deer, so it is very rare and expensive. This kind of animal is a medicine used in Oriental medicine. And in humanity when they want to praise something holy, they often say the sentence:
- There is Musk Natural Aroma.
- Where there is musk, that place smells good aroma.
There is a fragrance in the body that is naturally fragrant. There is no need to buy perfume to spray around. If you have something good, such as sincerity and help, you don't need to show ourselves a word, but from the beginning of the village to the end of the hamlet will slowly know, and maybe one day a man the report goes to the house asking for an interview, so the whole country knows. But do you know, if you have musk, how does your fragrance spread everywhere? Spread in the air like the fragrance of orchids, incense of lilies?
Your incense spreads far, spreading through people's mouths. People tell each other, people call each other, people talk about your good characteristics, of course, both good and bad. And who is this? Who can know about you to say many good things about you, as well as bad things?
Of course, those are the ones closest to you. Those people are:
- Parents, brothers, and sisters in the house, relatives of aunts and uncles, friends and neighbors.
These are the people who know you the most, and when they talk about you good and bad things, others will believe. People who know you talk about good and bad things, so people who never know you become aware of us through that information. Then these new people transmit information to others. The line of rumors kept going, and no one needed to set up.
Sometimes rumors start from people in this neighborhood who don't seem to be as polished as journalists. For example, your mother might talk about you:
- Oh, that child is foolish, he has a little money, so he can feed some beggars, he doesn't have a penny. Talking is gentle, rustic.
Such rumors, going through many mouths of people can become:
- She is honest and loves others very much.
And of course, the goodness is rumored, the bad is rumored:
- Oh, that guy, he is the number one liar, believe he has the day he sold your house. I am his classmate, I know him very well.
Unfortunately, there are those of us who do not appreciate this close affection. So they tend to abuse, disrespect, keep their promises, so they are willing to lie to others about their close people, hoping that they will become famous someday. It is a complete lack of reality.
The reputation of good and bad about you is always from those close to you. Among those close, there are a few people who may have a disagreement with you, but most people will have a fairly accurate view of you. So, you only need to treat people close to you every day like family, friends, colleagues, and subordinates, naturally, it will have a way to go far away for others to know.
The FBI is the US federal police investigation agency when it comes to hiring a new employee, often sending people to investigate this person's identity. The investigator always knocks on the neighbor's door to inquire about that person, and especially always talks to his ex-wives, ex-husband, divorced, because they have a lot of accurate information and sometimes like to let the FBI know because those people are still resentful. If a person often deceives a family member or often interferes with a neighbor, the FBI may not dare to use that person.
In the US politicians are often discredited due to adultery. Sometimes people argue:
- He's adultery, it's his own business, as long as he works well, there's nothing to criticize his private life.
And the rebuttal is always:
- His wife and children that he deceived, who can trust him.
The main idea is still: If people close to us do not dare to believe us, then more distant people cannot believe us. It is also another interpretation of Confucius who said according to the principle:
- Cultivate yourself, make your family happy, artistic leadership in a country, bring peace to everyone in the world.
Looking back, we often have problems with our neighbors, and we complain that our neighbors are bad, backward, greedy. But the problem is not how good or bad our neighbors are, it's their business, not ours. Our problem is how we deal with our neighbors whoever they are.
So are colleagues. We often complain that our colleagues are bad, our company is bad. But whether our colleagues are bad or good, our problem is how we treat them. People 's reputation is often the one - way, or more correctly, the one - way manners are radiating to the aroma. It is rumored that:
- She is very nice to everyone.
People do not say:
- She's good with good people and bad with bad people.
- He is very honest
Without rumors:
- He is honest with the honest person and lies to the liar.
The act of reciprocity such as donut cakes sent, pizza sent back, is always very normal, there is nothing to say to the people, so it cannot emit the fragrance. Only one-way actions, Honest to everyone, righteous to everyone, humble to everyone, through which our practitioners all know in the Dhammapada, the chapter says About flowers, the Buddha said:
- The scent of flowers, whether any of the most fragrant flowers in this world, cannot fly against the wind, only the virtuous scent of true people, can fly against the wind, and fly all over thousands of directions.
Thus, the fragrance that holds the precepts of those who follow the teachings of Buddha is the source of the fragrance. So we need to remember two basic things:
1- All our good and bad reputations come from the people closest to us every day, and
2- The things that make reputation go away are often one-way things.
Talking about the fragrance of flowers, no one has studied which flowers have the most aromatic smell, nor have they measured the specific beauty of each flower. Only the incense of those who hold the precepts according to Buddha naturally affirms the value of his fragrance. And only in every practitioner has a personal sense of beauty, then love each specific flower. But in that particular, there is still a common feeling whenever you see the flower garden blooming simultaneously.
In folk, many people like a lotus is it because the lotus is beautiful or because of its usefulness:
- Lotus throne to get seeds,
- Lotus heart used as a medicine,
- Lotus stamen used to marinate tea,
- Lotus root is a culinary treat for welding and heat,
- Lotus leaf is used to cover the tray .....
Or because lotus has existed in her own beauty in the minds of Vietnamese people from the biggest plain of Vietnam:
- The most beautiful Thap Muoi City is the lotus.
So no one needs to be praised, but lotus keeps having natural aromatic musk. While interested people are still discussing vigorously and nature lovers wait for new joy, in the poll of which flowers will be chosen as a symbol of the national flower, and also a cultural messenger of the country, the lotus is a flower chosen as a symbol for the country of Vietnam.
Although the lotus is beautiful, if compared to the flower of the Precepts, the flower of the Preceptor is much more beautiful and pure:
- As beautiful flowers only display colors without aroma, as well as those who know how to say good things without doing good, it is not beneficial.
- As beautiful and fresh flowers have an aroma, as well as those who say good, and do good, it will bring good results.
Between two types of people, the type of people who can do good deeds and do good things, so from the heaps of flowers we can form many garlands of flowers as well as from the human bodies that can create many good deeds, the beauty naturally emanating from us is the most durable and precious. If you want to do this, it won't be too difficult when we just need to pay attention to a few minor things below:
1- Specific Visualization
You need to really imagine what you want to change, like:
- A dignified body, your body must do many good things
- A gentle, friendly way of speaking, is that you are cultivating good things about your mouth
- Keep your skin clean, smooth and noble, then your thoughts must reflect on good things.
And believe that these things can be fully realized. Of course, the goals we set are to be achieved, so not too far from reality. Accept yourself and be proud of a unique beauty that is ours.
2- Stand In Front Of A Mirror.
See how everyone's behavior is your own Mirror, and the fastest way to adjust your attitude is to look at the truth. People who are not confident often avoid mirrors like avoiding epidemics. However, the mirror or the behavior of others is our ally. It will give you the most objective view of yourself.
3- Learn How to Use
For example, the same type of cosmetic, but some people know how to use them to make them more beautiful, but some people do not know how to use them to make themselves worse. So, it's important not to be expensive or cheap cosmetics, but how you use them. Also, in all circumstances, we do not complain or give up, depending on which behavior, turn bad circumstances into good.
Learn how to use every situation in the most effective way.
4- Discovering Self-Confidence
People with confidence always consider all circumstances to be a test and consider it a source of energy to increase morale. If at times the woman cares about how to attract other people, by always creating surprises by the charm and excitement in the way they talk, then confidence is positive. allowing us to think and act appropriately to transform every situation.
5- Pride in Self.
Proud but not arrogant, so don't be shy to show your stunning beauty. Don't hesitate to let people know that we know how to practice ourselves properly. True beauty is important. Instead of running around searching for expensive products to take care of beauty, let's explore within ourselves through practice. Take advantage of every means we have. We will learn to love ourselves and will always be bright and happy even without makeup.
6- Refresh Every Day
Do something for yourself every day. Doing so means that you respect yourself. Read a loving Bible, calmly think back to the daily deeds. Do it if you really enjoy it. Whatever you choose, remember to record what you did and how you felt at the time.
7- Always Keep Smile On Your Lips
When your mood is relaxed, happy, the whole world will see your beautiful, radiant beauty. If you find yourself ugly, people also see you like that.
So consider yourself the most positive if possible. Find ways for you not to be obsessed with beautiful words.
8- Find People Who Understand You
Although it is unintentional or intentional, the words spoken by others affect the way you see yourself. Find motivating people and give you good emotions when you're Disappointed or bored. Their compliments and encouragement will definitely improve your spirit.
9- Listen To Your Self
Listen to yourself for helpful advice. It is not only the teacher who directs the direction, but also helps you stay calm, happy, and even help you figure out why you have such actions …
The problem is that it takes time to capture that important information. Plan to give yourself a moment of relaxation, quietness like taking a dip in the tub or taking a walk. Think of this intuitive perception as part of our hearts.
10- Rest
At least twice a day, sit for 5 minutes to look at your face, clothes, and yourself. Take deep breaths to refresh and revitalize, maintain a fresh look.
In short, when you know how to create three pure karmas, take advantage of all circumstances, know how to use the energy of many people, you know how to reproduce and beautify yourself.


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