By Nhat Quan
Time passes quickly, days and months rush, human life is short for a few decades in life, and in a moment you are old. So if you let a day go to waste, you lose a valuable day. So definitely don't be ashamed of yourself, but consider your body as the most precious, your heart as the most precious, and definitely don't ruin it. Your life is the most precious, definitely don't waste it...
Therefore, you are aware that a blessed person is born with a car, a house, and money... Some people are unlucky, so they are poor and miserable, no one notices, no one cares, and no one relies on them. However, no matter what, you should not take yourself lightly, but must persevere more, and make more effort, it will definitely take you to the highest place. And no matter what the situation, don't give up, life changes impermanent, then one day you will also get what you want. And you have to be even more aware:
- Having money doesn't necessarily mean having a smile on your face, other people's suffering you can't know.
- No money does not mean every day is not good, your happiness is self-consciousness you know well.
- It doesn't matter whether you dress elegantly or casually, as long as you know enough, nothing is lacking.
- Brocade shirt, jade rice, or raw tea, light rice too, as long as you're happy, there's nothing lacking.
- Money is for you to earn, also for you to spend. Eat and drink sparingly to save a lot of money, and don't even dare to buy something you like, living like that will become poor. Working hard to earn a lot of money, in the end, there are people who lose money. Living like that makes no sense at all.
- The house does not need to be big or small, just comfortable and comfortable. The house doesn't matter in a good or bad location, it just needs to have flowers and grass or things that you like.
- Cars are people's means of transportation, not something to brag about. It doesn't matter what kind of car it is, the important thing is to not be in debt. It doesn't matter what car you buy, the important thing is to go safely.
- Life is not necessarily rich and precious, but it is necessary to live in a meaningful way.
- Happiness is not necessarily compared with others, but slowly using the mind to feel.
- Happiness is not necessarily created by others but needs to be sincere from within.
You must be aware of this, because:
Money is fleeting, it's there and it's gone
- Status is temporary because life is up and down
- Glory is in the past, because glory no matter where it is, it will pass away to make way for others
Only health is precious, and morality is above all,
Indeed, money is not everything, above all, but not without value in life. You should not attach too much importance to money. The more you compare, calculate and become selfish, money is an inanimate object created by you. If someone needs help, you should be generous with your heart, depending on your ability to help.
Wise people know how to make money with their own sweat, and brains and know how to spend money with its value. You own the money, because the money you create is an inanimate object, so don't be its servant. Happiness or suffering is created by you. If you need to eat, eat, need to wear, wear, need play, play, you always improve your quality of life and enjoy happiness because you know how to let go of bad ideas but often help people save lives.
In fact, happiness and well-being in life depend on knowing how you enjoy it. You understand that life appreciates and appreciates what you already have, and is constantly increasing it to develop its meaning, making life more peaceful, happier, healthier, and more compassionate.
You need to have an open heart, respect, love to preserve life, and know how to enjoy life. Because when you look up, you are not equal to anyone, when you look down, you see that you are still too blessed. You know enough and are content with the present, then full of happiness.
Living well with people, and knowing how to share and help when needed, is also a joy. Whether you live rich or poor or lowly because of the blessings of cultivation for many lifetimes, now you only know how to dedicate yourself to work as if you have contributed a bit. That way you can rest easy and try to do more meaningful work. Over half of a friend's life spends a lot of time in his career, his family, and his children. Now there is not much time left so you should go back to yourself and live in the present moment.
Don't let yourself be constantly chasing after this goal, that passion, but give yourself time to come back to yourself. Sometimes you also have to praise yourself, encourage and comfort yourself to overcome difficulties. Only then will you be more confident to continue the journey that you have gone on and are going on? Although life is full of work and worries, you still give yourself moments to return to reality with yourself, you will find life worthy and meaningful. As a result, you will know how to live better to prepare for the journey of reinventing yourself.
To live is to be active, work to get in the habit of contributing and sharing, but don't overdo it:
- Eating too frugally is not healthy enough to serve others
- Too much meat and fish reduces compassion a lot.
- Too much leisure is easy to get bored,
- Too noisy makes you feel tired and uncomfortable...
In general, everything is good in moderation. Because human life is only a few decades, life is like a virtual dream. That old saying is very good. Every ten years is counted as a short cycle, in each cycle you have deeper feelings and perceptions about life. Cherish every moment of life, you will feel the beautiful aftertaste of this life, no matter what cycle you are in, it is beautiful in adulthood or late afternoon. According to the ancients, people are divided into seven stages in life:
1- Ten-year-old toddler enters life
At the age of childhood, most often compared with other children in the family about branded clothes or expensive toys. Young children often like to compare, especially children in the city. But in theory, it is also a common, understandable thing. By the age of ten, children are aware, will understand more things, and begin to walk in life.
2- At the age of twenty, the youth begins
When you are fourteen or fifteen years old, many of you often compare your family, and your background with other young people, compare whether the other's parents are big or small officials, and wish that you were born into a royal family king, or prime minister. But there are also people who have low self-esteem because they come from a poor family, and always feel that they can't look up on their own. There are also friends who come from wealthy family, always rely on their parents, live in abundance and leisurely under the protection of their family. Both of those types of people won't do anything.
3- Thirty years old to build a career
At this stage, you will no longer compare your parents' family, background, or profession, and no longer assume that the family is not good to you. Because at this age, some of you have married and built a career, become parents, and even have a lot of experience in family life.
As a husband, at this time, you should not compare your wife's appearance. A gentle, understanding wife is more important than someone with only good looks. The wife who knows how to live and behave is the person the family can look forward to. Because she can handle things wisely and harmoniously, not relying on a pretty face. As a wife, at this time, it is not advisable to compare her husband's appearance, understanding her husband's ability is more important than her husband's appearance. The husband is not able to earn a living, even if he is handsome, with a long body and broad shoulders, he is not as valuable as a street vendor.
4- Forty years old no longer doubt
At this age, the age should not continue to compare the comments of others. What people want to say, what they discuss, does not affect your choice of life. Opinions are not a substitute for living your life. So learn to have your own opinions and take control of your life. Many of you who want to be famous just don't hear other people compliment you for a few days, you can't sit still, thinking that society has forgotten about you. An ordinary person, even though he doesn't have a strong desire for fame like the stars, he is also very tired of chasing fame. Therefore, at the age of forty, you must have the right view, and should not be easily manipulated by the objections of people. The main principle is like that, don't let yourself be swayed by just a little word of the wind.
5- Fifty years old, understand the destiny of heaven
People at this age no longer compare and pay attention to grievances. No more comparing yourself to the success of others, nor admiring the fame and fortune of others. Because these things are actually things outside the body. No matter how much you admire them, you still have a life to live. After half a hundred years of human life, having experienced all the success and failure stories, no longer holding anger and grievances, was able to leisurely watch the flowers bloom and fade in front of the yard. At this point, even if you see other people bragging about their huge fortune, you should not be moved. Even if you see other people's lavish, wasteful lives, you can still be calm and maintain your temper. At this time, family is the most important thing for you, the family reunion is the greatest happiness.
6- Sixty years old, taking life lightly
In human life, by this time you have entered the realm of being able to take everything lightly and open your heart to everything. As an official, one should not continue to compare officials big and small. By the time you retire as an official, big or small, you are just a commoner. Business people should not continue to compare profits more or less. Even more, money can be earned once your eyes are closed. No matter how much money you have, leaving it to your children and grandchildren is probably a good thing, sometimes even harming your children and grandchildren. Only treating your health, mind, and body with a peaceful mind is the most magical remedy for old age.
7- Seventy years old, life is rare
When you reach old age, the worries in the world are no longer related to you. Even with the exciting and colorful things in your life, it's just a smile to pass in front of your eyes, not to mention the world, the story of life. If you at this age have these three positive things, don't worry about old age boredom, which is:
- Healthy body,
- Harmonious family,
- A good reputation, being an old person must also act like an old person.
Everyone knows that happiness is built on the foundation of peace and freedom in all circumstances of life. This is the highest dream that everyone aspires to achieve. But some people don't know, so they keep worrying about food and clothing to survive, but forget how to be peaceful and happy. Therefore, there are many friends who, despite having enough material possessions and achieving what they want, still do not feel inner peace and joy. Because you always have stress, and have to fight to keep what you have.
The quality of life of the elderly is high or low mainly depending on the way of thinking. Profit-oriented thinking is anything that is considered in terms of beneficial factors, using utilitarian thinking to design life in old age will make old age full of vitality and confidence, life has flavor. Harmful thinking is negative thinking, living through the day with a pessimistic mentality, living like that will quickly age and die.
Those who know how to practice and study will not have to tie your life to a busy life. You are free with your own life and freely work to contribute to society. You will freely communicate, meet many people, talk, and laugh. Living a monastic life is a blessing for you to have the opportunity to train your body and mind to be free from entanglements about you and others. To keep your heart from having to patch up because of the yeast of fame and gain in life. Just like the water flowing down will never flow back. Time goes by quietly and will never be able to come back, that's true, but few people care and notice.
Therefore, when you have time, you should try to do what you can to contribute to the benefit of humanity. If, in life with a lot of work and worries, you feel too tired and stressed, you should go to the temple to worship Buddha to ask the Buddha for help to clear the deadlock.
Reality shows that when you know how to let go of fame or hatred, your mind will be clear to overcome the temptations of greed, hatred, and delusion, and feel joy. If you can let go, your heart will be open, if anyone does something offensive, you can easily forgive, but if you are angry for a moment, you will also ignore it. But you must know that letting go does not mean giving up, putting away all jobs to only take care of yourself. Nor does it mean denying or avoiding responsibility for family, relatives, and society.
You know to let go of habits that are harmful to people and things, but you must always be responsible in life. To make your Bodhi mind more and more solid so that you have the opportunity to repay the merits of your parents' birth, and still fulfill everything. You work better and live more consciously and responsibly. The main reason for living is your life's ambition and mission, your own fundamental value. And when you live with a sense of responsibility you will know who you are, and what you live for, you will spend seventy years of this life working to contribute and serve human beings.
One thing you should keep in mind:
- No one can live for you, not even your parents or the people who love you the most. Only you have the ability to control yourself, and decide your life, whether you should bear suffering, or be happy. Heaven or hell is entirely up to you, and there is no one to bless and bring disaster.
In life, there are times when sadness covers you and makes you lost, unable to find a way out, so let the time that is slowly passing quickly pull you away. You accidentally lost yourself because you were engulfed in the sea of suffering, and then in the midst of the chaos and worries in life, you longed to find the feeling of peace of mind and body. That creates too much pressure, too much pain, and loss, and it no longer has the practical value that life gives you. Even when it's time to enjoy life, to look back on yourself, you never care.
You are too poor to spend some time with your loved ones. You keep praying for peace and happiness but do not control yourself with your own hands and brain, so you live in insecurity and anxiety.
By now you have partly understood the seven stages of life or the seventy years of life. I tell you the story for everyone to see.
The story is told, once upon a time… when God had just established the land and created mankind and all things. He gives each of his sentient products the freedom to express an opinion. All kinds of species flocked to each other to sue, beg, plead, and make claims to God.
At that time, seeing the donkey coming, God kindly said:
- I give you a life of 30 years!
The donkey shook his head and lamented:
- My lord! Can I blame you for giving birth to a child on this earth, with our donkeys, living an extra day is a day of hard work and fatigue, carrying a lot of weight but not having any joy and peace. Thirty years is too long a punishment for us.
The donkey begged forever, God had to reduce the life span of an animal, to only eighteen years.
When it comes to dogs, God is also very wise and fair:
- I give you 30 years to live!
The dog squealed:
- Oh my God! Do you think it's fun to be a dog? If I want to eat some leftover rice and human residue soup, I have to be luxuriant, wagging my tail, sticking out my tongue to sweat, and shed tears...
God said:
- Well, 18 years is equal to a donkey!
Dogs protest:
- Oh my God! Even if Donky carries a heavy load, he can still go here and there, and sleep for hours, and my body, day and night, I have to keep my eyes open to watch thieves, chase chickens, wander around the corner, come and go kitchen corner. May the lights of the sky shine for me.
God said:
- Well, I will reduce you to only 12 years!
The dog willingly wags his tail and runs away!
Seeing that the monkey had just passed the tree, the god said:
- Thirty years, huh, monkey?
The monkey hastily clasped his hands in a long bow:
- My body is very miserable, please reduce it!
God said:
- You danced and played all day. Where is the suffering?
- Yeah... You see that, but smiling on the outside, crying on the inside. Dear God, we are so hungry and thirsty that people often say: Thin like a monkey, wrinkled like a monkey, if you don't believe it, you ask people to know.
God frowns:
- Well, that's 28 years!
Cursed monkey:
- My God… still too long! We were scared in the forest, with no claws to protect us…
God said:
- I allow you to live with humans is that ok!
Still not satisfied the monkey begged:
- Dear Gods, living with humans is not happy at all. We had to grimace and do monkey tricks all day for the kids' amusement. When the dancing was over, they brought us out to cook monkey porridge.
God relented and softened his voice:
- I reduce it for you: 8 years of life!
When it was people's turn to come out, God said:
- I give you 30 years of life!
Immediately the Man, your ancestor, cried out in alarm:
- Dear God, that much time is only enough for me to build a house, dig a well, and plant a tree, before I can pick the first fruit of the season, I will already be dead.
God is surprised:
- Ah, brat! So what do you want? More longevity?
Your ancestor says:
- Yes, that's right! It is better that You do not give birth to us. If life is so short, it's better not to live.
God says:
- Okay! I'll give you 18 more years of the donkey you left behind, isn't that enough?
The man scratched his head, pleading:
- There are still very few! 48 years is how much?
God said:
- Then... plus 12 more lifespans of dogs is that ok?
Your Ancestors:
- Sir, you are almighty, incomparable, with your supreme and noble power, it doesn't cost anything, give me a little more, lest my descendants and descendants will blame me later. is their ancestor, their mouth is somewhere but they don't know how to beg!
God with a stern face said:
- Humans are the creatures that bother me the most from the beginning of the world until now. But hey, I'll add you 10 years of monkeys, for a total of 70...
Without giving humans time to react, God dropped his sleeves and disappeared behind a good cloud.
Since then, all living things have lived according to the life span that God gave to the first ancestor of the species: donkey 18, dog 12, monkey 20, etc. As for humans, after 30 years of living the beautiful life of human life, has to spend eighteen years toiling to pay off a debt to serve ignorance and ambition just like donkeys. When the time of being a donkey has passed, people start living the life of a dog again for twelve years, which means old age, sickness, and difficulty in walking, sitting, or standing, so they just wander around the corner of the house, corner the kitchen, look after the house, and eat the leftover rice and soup left over by their children. Finally, at the age of sixty, people become confused, sometimes frowning, sometimes grumbling, holding grandchildren to look after their great-grandchildren… doing funny, childish things to entertain people… Those are the last stages of life, ten years of being, act as a monkey!
In short, Joy also comes from you, and sadness also comes from your heart, so that you know how to appreciate yourself but know how to protect yourself well, to step by step rise to the top. through life's pitfalls, and lead a truly happy life.
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