By Nhat Quan
Many people have admitted. For most refugees, when settled in the United States, each person's luggage only has a few sets of clothes and a few necessary items. But over time everyone buys too much...
Likewise, when you were a child, your soul was very holy, but when you grow up, there is a collision with people, with life, everything is more and more, and right and wrong things make you become dominant in many things. You are tired because you work and think too much. However, physical fatigue is not scary, what is scary is mental fatigue. When the mind is tired, it will affect the mood and will jeopardize the health of the body and mind.
In fact, each of you has fatigue brought by others, and there are also fatigues created by yourself. However, some of you will be immersed in it, but some will get out. The difference is that you can adjust your state of mind or not, and can you let go of unnecessary things.
The reason why your mind is tired is because it often insists on holding on and refuses to let go. You should know, in life, there are always some memorable things, but there are also certain things to let go of. Letting go and insisting on holding on, which way should you choose?
In my opinion, the courage to let go is a kind of treasure.
You are always troubled because you have not learned to forget. All things are hidden deep in your mind, so it cannot be erased. Life needs to understand that, what should be remembered carefully, what should be forgotten, forgotten, what can be changed, changed, what must be received cannot be changed.
Real life is like that, there are things that are reluctant to accept. There are times when you want to live a happy and comfortable life for yourself, but because of the people close to you or the events that arise, it can't be as expected. Therefore, life always contains many regrets.
Your life is ultimately still held, controlled, and responsible for by you. So, what needs to be let go, you should not keep, what should be cherished, you will not let go. If holding it but not happy, not happy, it's better to let go. If nostalgia, can not let go, then accept suffering. The most regrettable thing in life is:
- Easily let go of what should be kept, insist on keeping what should be let go.
A lot of times, you insist on holding on to what should be let go and end up creating misery for yourself. But there are also many times, letting go is not about losing but getting more. Because you always feel that in this life, what you have achieved is still not enough, it seems that you are all trying to accumulate, trying to do addition. However, did you know that a lot of famous and successful people have been doing subtraction all their life? Reality has proven that the more successful people are, the more they will pursue a simple life, moreover, they will not let material desires and interests control themselves.
For example, Facebook founder Mr. Zuckerberg, the world's youngest billionaire is a staunch supporter of minimalism. When you open his closet, you only see a row of light gray T-shirts and a row of hats dark gray. His daily car to work is a Honda car worth $ 16,000. He always wears a gray T-shirt and jeans, so much so that even the employees think he doesn't change his clothes every day!
It turns out that famous and successful people that you still admire in every way, have been doing subtraction all their lives. They are not bound and controlled by material desires, so they always feel happy with their lives. A Japanese TV series called:
- My house is empty, there is nothing
The main character is Satō Mai, a girl who harbors anomalies in her mind just like her house. The house is so messy that the bag can't be found, and the guests who come to the house don't know where to sit. Until one day after her heartbreak, when Satō Mai saw anything that belonged to her ex-boyfriend, she got angry and threw it away. But what happens?
- The more she threw away the result, the more comfortable she felt
After she experienced an earthquake herself, she was buried in the mess that filled the house, and even the rescuers could not find her. And a saying by Satō Mai left a deep impression in the hearts of viewers:
- Excess items will most likely take your life.
The redundant things in the present life, although not as deadly as in the other movie, will waste a lot of your time, and mental and physical strength. Indeed, the more material desires you have in your heart, the more chaotic your inner mind will be. The more redundant things there are, the more important things will be submerged in them.
So, Yutaro Matsuura, a Japanese scholar once said:
- The things that are with you day and night are the most reliable, closest, and most unfaithful friends.
You should have a careful selection of items, either don't buy or if you buy, have a place to use. In fact, it's not because the living space is too narrow, but because there are too many redundant things.
Everyone hopes to live in a spacious, comfortable home. But constantly buying more and hoarding makes redundant things more and more and squeezes your living space. In general, a very simple moral in society, everyone has a position and a life commensurate with yourself, you should also know enough. But when people today are too immersed in material desires and immediate practical benefits, it is not easy to achieve enough!
The more one understands how to let go, the more will be achieved. Handling and letting go of the excess in life, you will feel light, pure, happy happiness that material things cannot bring. That's why people who know how to live truly happy will do the subtraction:
- Subtract a little material, add a part of the purity
- Minus a little lust, add a piece of well-being
And you will understand, happiness does not come from outside, true happiness only comes from within. As long as you let go of external desires and desires, you will feel its value and joy.
Letting go of unnecessary things, first of all, to relieve all worries, make you happy. The latter is to give you a chance to grow. The mind must know how to let go, then life will bloom, if the heart is no longer heavy, the body will be free. The unnecessary things you need to let go of are:
1- Let go of the face
Sometimes you bow your head, to see clearly the way you walk. Many people find that you yourself have too many things, all of which are not pure, or unsatisfactory, but cannot let go. The face makes you unable to let go, ultimately suffering and sorrow because of the face. Sometimes you lower your head, to see clearly the way you are walking, you know that but don't go.
2- Let go of the pressure
Are tired or not tired is decided by each of you. In the soul room, is not cleaned, it will be covered with dust. Sweeping away the dust of the world can only make a gloomy mind bright. To clarify the situation, only to be able to say goodbye to all troubles; throw a few tasteless sufferings, happiness will fill the space.
On the contrary, if your heart is not cleaned, it will be covered with a lot of dirt. Cleaned up, naturally, it will become brighter, more beautiful. When things are handled and arranged clearly, it is possible to push the mess away. Similarly, by throwing away meaningless suffering, there will be more space in your heart for joy to linger.
3- Let go of the past
Only by letting go of the past can you live a happier life in the present and in the future. Try to change your mind, regulate your emotions, learn to calmly accept the present, learn to calmly face your destiny, learn to see life in a positive way, and learn to think of the positive side of things. Learn to calmly face all difficulties, learn to look at the good in everything in life, you will find life meaningful. Letting go of the past, your heart can receive new joy, can change your mood
4- Let go of the inferiority
Immediately remove the word inferiority from your mind. You should know, not everyone can become a great person, but anyone can become a strong inner person. Believe in yourself, find your right place, then you will have a valuable life. Perhaps everyone has a strong inner self. Therefore, by trusting yourself, and determining your position, you can find the value of this life.
4- Let go of laziness
Determined to change your destiny, the best secret is to bring every simple thing you do to become a master. Always remind yourself that you have to move forward, you feel happy, healthy, and honest, and you will definitely have a brilliant life. Remember, trouble arises from laziness, and great harm comes from unnecessary leisure.
6- Let go of negativity
If you want to be a successful person, then there is no reason not to try for yourself. Let the positive energies repel the negative thoughts. Learn to live a noble life. Live honestly without pretense, live tolerantly without being narrow-minded, live happily without worries, and work hard instead of laziness. As long as you want, you can completely perfect yourself in the best way throughout your life. As long as you want to be able to do everything on your own. No one can influence your results except you.
7- Let go of resentment
Instead of complaining and blaming the situation for every failure, seriously think that failure is also an important preparation step for future successes. Efforts to overcome shortcomings and promote strengths and weaknesses are more important and necessary.
Resentment and seeking to shirk responsibility will only make each step toward your success heavier and slower.
Letting go of resentment, and calmly accepting failure, is the mentality of a forward-thinking person. Resentment cannot change the situation, only the effort to rise up can bring hope. As long as you don't intentionally bury yourself, just think about shining, one day you will shine.
Don't live a life full of sorrows, and don't think life is a betrayal. In fact, you are also given as much as others, if you want more, you only have to try to get it yourself!
8- Let go of hesitation
Don't dream, don't hesitate. Instant action, unlimited success! Once you know the situation, you shouldn't be weak and indecisive. Once you see a path clearly, you should just walk, don't look back. Take action immediately, that is a common trait of successful people.
If you have a good idea, take action immediately. If you come across a good opportunity, take it immediately. Instant action, unlimited success!
Space is limited, learn to let go of annoying things, and you can have more space to contain better things!
9- Let go of the narrow mind
People's hearts are tolerant, and heaven and earth will also naturally become more open. Tolerance is a kind of virtue, tolerating others is also a way to pave the way for your soul to become relieved and at peace.
Tolerance is the greatest gift of the soul, it requires as much effort from your brain as it does when you keep your balance while riding a bicycle.
10- Let go of doubt
If you still have doubts in your heart, your work will be difficult to accomplish. Do not use your skepticism to judge what others think. Do not baselessly doubt others, otherwise, it will affect the lasting friendship.
Please evaluate everything objectively and transparently when the necessary evidence is gathered. That way you won't have to worry about hurting anyone, nor will you be tired of doubts. To help you let go of your worries, you should keep the following in mind:
- Learn to control yourself
You can't control the actions of others, and you shouldn't even try. But you can control not only your actions but also your thoughts. You can stop reliving the pain, and choose to move on. You just need to learn how to do it, it's not difficult.
- Humble attitude
Because no one likes someone who is super smart and especially hates someone who thinks they're smart. Therefore, you are best to maintain a modest attitude with caution.
Every one of you knows that happiness is built on the foundation of peace and self-sufficiency. This is the dream of life that everyone aspires to achieve. Buddha taught that, if the heart is not lacking, it is called rich. Being needed by others is called precious. Pleasure is not a personality type but a type of energy. The best way to deal with anxiety is to forget about it.
- Non-competition is compassion.
- Not arguing is wisdom.
- Not hearing is purity.
- Not looking is self-possession.
- Forgiveness is liberation.
- Knowing enough is letting go.
All the causes of suffering, anxiety, and insecurities, come from grasping at too much. In other words, the attitude of not being satisfied with yourself, wanting to get anything, wanting more without giving up on anything. Living in the world, being a human should not be too strict, working does not need to be too perfect, joy cannot be enjoyed, should be understood in moderation, and tolerance towards others is for yourself. Your body is partly flexible, one way back.
If you know how to let go of unnecessary things in the present life. Let go of the interests, let go of the hatred that you hold. At the same time, by giving up the pursuit of calculating for yourself, and leaving away the greed, hatred, and delusion in daily life, you will find joy and serenity in your soul.
Because when you know how to let go of unnecessary things, your mind will be clear to overcome the temptations of greed, hatred, delusion, and conceit, and then you will see the joy around you. If you can let go, your heart will be open, whoever says anything you don't like will also ignore it without accepting it. If you do something offensive, it is easy to forgive, but if you are angry or sad, it will only take a few minutes or a few hours, at most overnight, and then forget it all so that your life can be peaceful. As a child of Buddha, you let go but always keep the full responsibility of a human being. To make bodhicitta more solid, to repay the merits of parents' birth, to still fulfill all tasks, all duties.
Because when your soul is pure and happy, you are gradually approaching the goal and success in life that you expect. You work better, live more passionately, be kind, forgiving, and open, and learn more things...That's why in life when you know how to let go of all your troubles and worries, your life becomes simpler and easier. So, in each of you know how to let go of troubles so that your mind is calm and your heart is at peace.
In short, letting go is the art of making your body and mind peaceful and happy. Money, beauty, power, position, and full of other material comforts, if you don't know enough, will bind you into delusion and sin.
It is a miracle that the more you let go of unnecessary things, the more peaceful, light, and peaceful your mind becomes. It is completely opposite to the habit of accumulating greed, making you often worried, and insecure, for fear of loss, being robbed by others. When you know how to let go, you always open your heart to help others, and make them happy, you know how to connect love, share life, make people feel secure, don't worry, don't be afraid, and respect each other.
Letting go of material comforts is difficult, letting go of the mind contained the temptations of greed, hatred, delusion, and conceit, which is even more difficult ten thousand times. Therefore, a cultivator is to grasp the end of the rope and maintain a firm stance:
- It is better to live a simple life, first to cultivate to become a Buddha, and then to save sentient beings.
To be able to realize ambitions and noble dreams, you must know how to let go of the smallest things. You learn to follow your mind naturally without judgment, if you are greedy, you know greed, just know it clearly.
Although you know for sure that you still haven't really let go of all the evil minds that harm people, you are still determined to persist and constantly observe it, there will be a day when you will completely master it all without waiting time.
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