By Nhat Quan
Humility is modesty. Understood this is a concession.
The bow is reverent. This is implicitly respected for others, respect for the living environment, and also for other people and the environment with special attention and care.
In the dictionary sense, humility is a state of humility, modesty, low self-esteem, the unimportant, unobtrusive, spirit of respect, mutual respect, or submission.
Thus, humility is placing yourself lower in the eyes of yourself or others. From a spiritual perspective, humility leads you to a higher state of consciousness. In Buddhism, humility is the way to not be drawn into the same conceited desires and achieve enlightenment. You can see it as freedom from pride, ignorance, and self-centeredness. Thus, when you yourself free from these limiting qualities, you experience pervasiveness.
So, humility can lead to a transcendent state of ego integration. Some experience the non-self state of consciousness from which they are able to grasp the opposite sides and aspects of life and go beyond the ordinary mind.
Humility lets you see how to become compassionate and wise. Each of these qualities leads to a deeper and more fulfilling connection with the whole of life, as well as in the Spiritual realm. Regardless of your beliefs, how can you practice humility on a daily basis and still continue to accomplish your goals?
Respect does not mean hiding low self-esteem or self-arrogance guilt with a layer of humility in behavior. Respect is affirming that other people and foreign objects have the right to exist, have specific features, and are inviolable. In particular, you and people are equal, nothing more, nothing less.
Humility manifests itself in words, gestures, attitudes, behaviors, even in the way of walking, dressing, and in general in people's daily lives. Being small, not to hide an inferiority complex, but to truly feel small in the face of the vastness and complexity of the universe, can be a sign of humility.
The opposite of humility is arrogance, excessive pride in yourself. Seeing you taller, better than people, then arrogant, looking at the sky with a lid, is a mind that limits your study and cultivation. Because you think you are good, right, you already come to that end, then you don't need to learn anymore. A lack of humility is a great obstacle to learning. You should know that humility is the root of happiness. The ancients used to say:
- Three feet above your head there is a god.
If you want to avoid disasters, or wish for good things, you must first know how to keep an honest heart, do good and avoid evil, and not be arrogant to offend heaven with people. Once you know how to be humble and respectful, so that heaven, earth, demons, and gods have compassion, you can expect to be blessed. You know humility and can learn and strive every day. Thus, not only in terms of education and knowledge but also in terms of morality, behavior in life is also constantly improving. So all benefits come from the virtue of humility. Once you have pride and self-satisfaction, even if you prosper, it will not last, no one wants to teach you good things. So if you want to be blessed, you must be aware of this.
A humble person is a person with a large heart, able to tolerate others, so the merit will certainly be vast. But the proud are always easy to invites disaster, so the blessing is thin. Therefore, as a human, you must definitely cultivate humility and tolerance.
Communicating with nature. Humility is a real, steady state of approach to the earth. Wherever you are, even in the midst of crowded cities and social activities, try observing the beauty of the earth. You spend some time gazing at the sky, admiring a certain great man, noting flowers, leaves, grass, and trees. Be fully aware of the life that surrounds you.
As a Buddhist on your way to learning, you sometimes have to ask yourself, are you practicing humility in your daily life? Do you find true happiness in a state of humility and a desire to serve life, to serve others?
You should observe that where the land is low, there is water overflowing. In the same way, people who live humble life learn many good things, cultivate noble qualities, and perfect virtues, and set an example for others to follow. Therefore, you know that humility is always loved and respected by everyone. You must humbly tolerate this virtue from the big to the small, like a drop of water that fills a big pot. If you know how to love yourself, if you love people, you should accumulate virtue, avoid evil, do good, and practice the habit of always controlling your mind when dealing with people and in contact with things.
On the contrary, you are conceited, high tribute, even if you have a career, only for a moment. Because it is not full of merit, it cannot be kept for a long time! If you have sought fame, fortune, and wealth without practicing humility, it is difficult to achieve your wish! The more you know, the more humble you have to be, even for those who are inferior to you to receive and appreciate what's around:
1- Humility story
There was a young man who had learned a lot, and all of his classmates knew that he had good prospects. That year, during the high school graduation exam, he moved from the Central region to Saigon and stayed temporarily in a temple to take the exam. When the exam results were posted, he couldn't see his name, he cursed the exam board, he thought that the exam board had no eyes. Then an Abbot standing nearby laughed. The young man immediately turned into a rage at the Abbot. The headmaster said:
- Maybe you love to play, so you can't take the test.
The young man became angrier and angrier, shouting:
- You never knew me, how can you say that I can't do the test?
Master Chief said:
- I heard that the most valuable test takers are in their mind, peaceful and calm temperament. Now I hear you curse wildly, your mind, and temperament is not peaceful at all, how can you do the test?
The young man heard that suddenly admired, and immediately asked for instruction. Master Chief said:
- Whether or not you pass the exam is due to luck. If your luck is not worth passing, even if you can do the test, it won't help. You should change yourself.
The young man asked:
- It's already predetermined by fate, how to change it?
Master Chief said:
- Creating a destiny is heaven, and establishing a destiny is yourself. Efforts to do good, to accumulate negative virtues, you can ask for any blessing.
Young Man says:
- I am just a poor student, how to do good deeds?
Master Chief said:
- Good deeds and negative virtues all come from your mind. If you always keep a good mind, you will gain immeasurable merit. For example, keeping a humble, humble mind costs nothing. Why do you not know how to self-review yourself, and scold the exam board?
Hearing this, from then on, the young man followed the teachings, tried to correct himself, abandoned his pride, and kept humility. His good heart is growing, his virtue is getting deeper and deeper. Three years later, he dreamed that he went to an upper room, saw a notebook with the names of the passed candidates, in which there were many blank rows, and asked a person standing next to him:
- The list of names of candidates who passed this year's exam, why are there so many names missing?
That person replied:
- The selection of people who pass the exam, in the afterlife, once every 3 years is examined and compared, those who usually accumulate negative virtues, do not make mistakes, are named in it. Those blank lines are mostly people who in the past deserved to pass the exam, but recently because of their poor virtue, they have been removed. Then he pointed to a blank line in the notebook and said:
- In the past three years, you always know how to accumulate yin virtue, keep yourself cautious, can be enrolled here, and hope you know how to take care of yourself.
In the exam that year, indeed, the young man passed the exam and was ranked in the optimal row. Because of the above, he became more and more convinced that:
- Three meters above the head, there must be a god to examine.
Good or bad things are definitely up to you, you need to know how to keep a good heart, control all your actions, do not commit a single bit of evil. If you are always humble, then heaven, earth, demons, and gods will all help you, so you will have the foundation to enjoy blessings. Those who are arrogant and self-satisfied are short-sighted, and even if they have growth and development, they can't enjoy it for a long time. People with little knowledge and understanding, no one will lose their blessings like that. What's more, humility is opening up opportunities to learn from others, and being able to accept people's good deeds, without limits. People who seek fame and fortune are even more indispensable for humility. There is an old saying:
- Having the intention of fame and benefit, you will satisfy; If you have the will to be rich, you will be rich.
A person with a will is like a tree with roots. If you want to establish a solid reputation, you must always keep a humble heart, and skillfully use countless means to do good deeds, and you will naturally be touched by heaven and earth. Therefore, the merits and virtues are all created by yourself. On the contrary, pride and self-satisfaction will destroy merit and virtue.
2- The story of the loss of blessings
In the temple village, there was a man who was very good at worshiping. This man was well versed in geography, placing graves, checking the direction of good and bad houses, checking the date and time, casting hexagrams to predict things very accurately, and doing spells very well. So more and more people came to him for help. People waiting at his house were long from inside to outside, waiting from morning to afternoon to meet him. Seeing so many people ask him for help, he became complacent. In order to invite him, it is necessary to pay a lot of money and must meet his increasing requirements. In the past, he invited him to go anywhere, no matter what. Now you want to invite him, you must have a car to pick him up, but the car must be good for him to go. In the past, it was convenient to eat anywhere on the road, as long as he was not hungry to finish his work. Today, he said in advance on the way to visit this restaurant because it is the most famous and delicious, to stop by that store because he likes this. Those who don't know what he means, won't be able to invite him next time. He also likes to be complimented and flattered. Anyone who compliments him on his talent, he likes it very much. He also has a habit of telling stories from house to house that thanks to him, his clients are now well off.
He relied on talent, so he despised even the gods. With pride, self-satisfaction, and disrespect for the gods, many people complain. Going to pray on behalf of someone's family but his mind is not mindful, and his blessing is thin, how can he pray for someone's house? He kept relying on his talent, making formal vows, preparing for the full ceremony, thinking that was enough, but it wasn't. The heart is respectful to the gods, to touch the earth and sky without, even if the raspberries are high, the feast is full of no avail. As long as you have a sincere heart, even a small offering will be complete. Everyone respectfully called him a teacher, but he couldn't understand that principle. He himself forfeits the blessing and will surely fail later.
Indeed, later on, he performed ceremonies, and laid graves... for everyone no longer effective, people gradually abandoned him. His house began to decline, his wife died when she was over 50 years old, and his children did not have a job... Then he defaulted on his debt and had to sell the house and move to another place.
Remember, a part of humility increases a part of merit. Arrogance and complacency are a loss of blessings. Although humans are wiser than all things and have high intelligence, whether you are a very lucky person or a very ordinary person, you are really very small in this universe.
Through the above story, you see that the law of the universe works, of cause and effect, anyone who is arrogant and complacent will lose all his blessings, and the humble will gain. Everyone appreciates the virtue of humility, but no one appreciates arrogance:
- Pride invites harm, and humility brings gain.
You should learn from the humility, impartiality, and steadfastness of the earth, for the earth can accommodate all things good and bad. In this sense, the ancients used to say:
- Out of three people traveling together, one of them will be your teacher.
If you choose someone to be your teacher, you are not afraid to learn from people below you. With the mind as a mirror, you must always examine yourself. As long as you know yourself well, you can bravely admit mistakes, frankly and honestly find out your shortcomings, your lack of discord, or where you haven't tried hard enough, so naturally, your space will gradually fade away and gradually expand to infinity. That's why the ancients used to say:
- Use strictness to restrain yourself, and use tolerance to treat others. Cultivate virtue, faithfulness, and humility without fighting.
Cultivate to gain confidence, humility, and the ability to be trusted by others, thus becoming a person who does not lose the most basic merit. Being obstinate, insisting on keeping your opinions, and claiming you are right, all only create obstacles and hinder your progress.
It can be seen that if you are humble, you have a large heart and can tolerate everything. If you have a generous heart, the blessing will definitely be thick and wide. On the contrary, if your mind is narrow, your blessings will be thin. You know that being humble creates merit, and being arrogant will create disaster. Therefore, as a person, especially a Buddhist, you must definitely cultivate humility. Especially in human-to-human communication, humility is a symbol of politeness and courtesy; is a sign of modesty, and noble humility. If you understand and practice the method of humility, you will be able to break through and destroy the giant ego, open up a progressive and clear life, and not lose benefits in communication.
That is why in Buddhism, every Buddhist practices bowing. Bowing is a sign that your mind and the Buddha are communicating. Descendants and juniors, when coming in front of their seniors and dignified people, standing up straight, clasping their hands, and bowing their heads in greeting, is an act of showing that we need your attention.
In ancient Vietnam, students began to study, first taught to bow their heads to the guru, and even close friends had to bow their heads. Buddhist followers who believe in Buddha must first bow to the Buddhas and Patriarchs. So in Vietnamese folklore, there is a saying:
- First is obedient, Second is knowledge
In life, if you don't use the method of humility and contact with people, and you can do whatever you want, you can't have a good life. So, if you want to create a good relationship with the person, of course, you need to know how to practice humility.
As once said, humility is an expression of politeness and reverence. But in Buddhism, the practice of humility is sometimes not completely obligated to bow, but sometimes you need to hold your head high in contemplation. Humility is also expressed by the pure mind going around the Buddha, going around the stupa signifying nostalgia and reverence, until the control of three karmas, pure contemplation. Therefore, the Buddhist practice of humility is very extensive. When it is time to bow, you should bow, when it is time to raise your head, you should raise your head; If it's time to go around, you should go around and practice according to the right circumstances. Again, humility is the road of communication, the bridge of communication expressed through the mind to convey to the other party nostalgia, mutual respect, and acceptance.
Respecting the Master and respecting the Way are also traditions of Buddhist disciples. With the Way and the Teacher guiding you, you gain moral evolution, as well as beautify the religious culture. According to the Majjhima Nikaya - 135. Culakamma-vibhanga-suttam teaches:
"But here, young man, there is a woman or a man who, without arrogance, pays homage to those who are worthy of worship and makes offerings to those who are worthy of offerings. Because of that good karma, you and your family will be reborn in a good world, in a noble family
Humility is a good and beautiful tradition of Buddhists that has been passed down from thousands of generations to show respect for the Three Jewels. This is the wholesome dharma that reduces one's ego and is the way to bring about a rebirth to noble beings in the future when the body breaks down and passes away. As you have seen, there are children in childhood who have been brought up in prestigious and noble families thanks to the fruit of being reverent, humble, and respectful of the elders, and religious leaders' dignified morality. And respecting teachers, respecting religion is also a tradition of the Vietnamese people, bringing moral evolution as well as beautifying human culture.
To be raised in noble families, most people want because this creates many opportunities for a child to meet many favorable conditions in life, work, success, and other areas. However, there must be real merit. Achieve this, it also requires you to have a process of cultivating and practicing humility. The humble dharma gives people a lot of peace and gradually erodes the high tribute, conceit is an unwholesome mind that brings a lot of afflictions. You arrogantly consider yourself to be the center of the universe, not knowing your exact location, thereby being hated by many people and self-harming.
Standing in front of the golden body of the Buddha, as well as the monks, the Buddhists bow to show their respect and gratitude to the Dharma King because the Buddha is the noblest of the three worlds. He is a great teacher of the gods and mankind of the liberated wisdom mind.
Thick virtue is the greatest blessing in human life. Partially virtuous is partly blessed and tenfold virtuous is also tenfold blessed. That virtue is like an underground spring in the riverbed, with immense power, but there are no ripples on the surface. A noble person is not because of his title, but because he has tempered his virtue so that the inside and outside are bright, both mentally and physically radiating the aura of kindness.
People with thick virtue and great blessing are also really smart people, everyone wants to make friends. Being around them, you feel comfortable, secure, you feel respected, and trusted. Therefore, people of thick virtue can make good relationships with many people, thereby accumulating blessings and advantages in everything, whether on the road to being a person or working. In the heart always have compassion for others, in all circumstances, always thinking of people is a kind of benevolence. People who are kind to themselves always think that they can do good things to help others, not self-interest, or selfishness, through which you can see most clearly a person with humility.
In short, living a complicated and noisy life, when making friends with others, you should choose to be friends with humble and kind people, because then you do not need to think about how to guard against them. A humble, elegant person is a person of high virtue, a generous heart, and a person who has respect for everything and everyone around. That reverence comes not from fear, but from respect.
In behavior, if you can take a step back and give in, you will see another realm. To not be arrogant is to be humble, to take a step back is to be humble, to say one more thank you, and to apologize is also to be humble.
Humility is the cultivation of a calm state of mind, a kind of vast, immense realm like returning to the inherent nature of precious jewels, bright but not dazzling.
So, never be complacent, and arrogant, and never think of yourself as the number one master. Cultivate yourself a nobility from the very quality of humility and repel lowliness. It can be seen that those who walk in a hurry will often miss a lot of good things. You may have squandered years of life or trudged along the muddy, undulating road of life to seek fame, love, and food. But many times it takes a lot of effort, and fatigue is never achieved. But if you can stop for a moment, calmly peer through the intricacies of urban sprawl, and find some peace of mind. Then you will be able to easily feel happiness in the simple life through the humble human way. That serenity, peace, and thousands of gold are hard to buy!
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