By Nhat Quan
Modern life may mean the development of science and technology, but that doesn't mean you need to buy everything everyone else has. That's why the simple life is mentioned, here is an image of life when the amenities you are using are at their lowest. Rather, you will cut unnecessary things in exchange for happiness later.
Of course, when choosing for you a simple life, you don't have to give up your personal preferences or get rid of all the convenient household items. Minimalist living is simply realizing that your worth is not governed by material life.
Living simply doesn't mean you accept a boring, lazy life or accept a life of doing nothing. Rather, living simply means:
You understand who you are and feel your own life purpose. You are not swayed by the things around you, everything you do and think has the same direction, and it is not easily distracted or complicated by everything that happens in life. On the contrary, everything in life with you is in harmony, including difficulties or advantages, times of conflict or peace, both big things to small things.
Indeed, living a simple life makes you less depressed, you no longer worry about having to have what others have. You have inner peace and know that people love you for your qualities, not because you are rich and luxurious.
Living a simple lifestyle gives you more security because there you are no longer afraid of your possessions being stolen, or of your honor being seen as trash. You know that no one has enough money to feel completely secure, so you are in touch with what you have.
By living a simple lifestyle, you regain the freedom to think about yourself. Instead of being led by the media into thinking you need this, need that. Or should be what the media wants you to be, you are free to establish your own values ​​and live for yourself.
Living simply does not mean simplifying your environment and possessions, but it also requires simplifying your ideas, opinions, and preferences. How much are you aware of your views on so many different topics? And so when you get peace of mind from this renunciation, this is great happiness.
The more you experience life, the more you move towards simplicity, and the simpler you are, the happier you will be. As a human, you should not think too complicated, as long as you have enough simple wisdom, your life path will be far away from suffering and tragedy.
Don't think that simplifying your life makes you lose pleasure and security, as well as forcing yourself into life to suffer many disadvantages. Instead, you should think about the contentment that will exist in your mind, the freedom, and the feeling of contentment that you will experience.
Many studies and practical evidence have confirmed that a simple living mindset will bring you enormous benefits, surpassing even superficial things such as an orderly house or a well-organized bookcase tidy arrangement. Specifically, living simply helps you have more time to take care of yourself, both physically and mentally, and reduce stress and pressure.
In this life, being alive is winning, making money is the game, and being healthy is essential. Happiness is what everyone wishes for, but at the end of life, returning to a good place is the goal.
There are many benefits created when you choose for yourself a light, simple life. Not only can it be seen in the surrounding living space, but at the same time, you can also feel it through the positive change of thoughts. It's a process of cutting out the unnecessary in order to get the better things in life. It then allows you to focus on what's important, giving you more energy and time for yourself. Buying what you need and maintaining it on a regular basis is how you use the money to reduce feelings of stress and anxiety, opening up a more wonderful living space.
However, the change is not overnight. It is a process that requires you to try and make an effort to change yourself. Starting one step at a time is the way to gradually adjust to your new lifestyle, and you need to do it now if you can:
- First of all, get rid of unnecessary clothes. Open your closet and count how many of those clothes have been worn once, twice, or even just bought without touching. Take them out of your closet for a larger space. Arrange everything in a logical order of priority in the house, and remove the unimportant and unnecessary things. Get rid of superfluous things, such as You keep a lot of books on your nightstand but you never have time to read them all, or you buy a whole stack of newspapers every day but only read half of them. Thus, you are making your life complicated. Put it away or get rid of it and keep everything in order.
In addition, some of you pay great attention to the arrangement of physical living space. However, sometimes, using too many decorative items also makes the space around you become cramped. Just because you're so used to household items that you don't even think about getting rid of them. So, let's start to remove unnecessary items from your living and working space, especially in the living room and kitchen. Remember, absolutely do not accumulate things that you never touch.
If you feel overwhelmed and don't know where to start, find a small corner of your home or workplace, and start cleaning from there. For example, you will start clearing out drawers, and desks and then gradually expand to bookcases… One place per week, and after only a month you will find your house becomes neater and more peaceful...
Clean up all the mess. Throw away useless items and organize what is left. Keeping your home and workplace tidy is absolutely essential. If your space is cluttered, you will be easily stressed and distracted. A clean space is like a blank page, you can draw great drawings on it
-- Second, continuing to change your eating habits is the second step in the process of cognitive change. Eating healthy is the standard everyone wants, but sometimes you don't need to spend too much on such meals. Remember, starting a simple life does not mean cutting down on portions, or eating boring foods every day just because of the standard of eating less, getting more. Instead, be wiser in the process of choosing foods that are delicious, nutritious, and affordable. Learn to be a smart consumer to save money.
The third step is the time that you spend every day wandering the internet, you should instead do more productive things and let your body rest. To do that, you have to pause everything else, put your phone away and focus only on the chosen task. When you want to check social media notifications, check them all at once and do it with as much ease as possible.
And remember, the media is not always good. If on average you spend 3-4 hours a day watching TV or wandering on the internet, a week you will waste a day off. So when you take a day off wandering like that, your life won't hurt at all. So, except for the news that helps workers, you should cut out the rest of the programs.
Pay less attention to what people think of you. If you want freedom, it's simple:
- Don't pay attention to public opinion.
If you continue to care what people think of you, you will not achieve great results. Most of all, don't be too afraid of pressure. Everyone has potentially hidden within, so when you're under pressure, don't be impatient. Maybe it's just a little test that life gives you! People often say:
- At the extreme, everything will change, and everything will be smooth.
So when faced with pressure, there will be a very strong motivation. And you will peacefully overcome all obstacles. According to psychologists, the conditions for happiness can be summed up in a few simple things:
- Enough to eat, have a roof, be next to relatives, and have a suitable job.
However, if you make yourself unhappy when you try to follow external material values, money and status cannot buy happiness. Find the meaning in every job and especially learn to live a simple life. That is lasting happiness.
In this regard, you should also give yourself a little stretch, that is, throughout the week, you have spent time and effort at work. On weekends, you take a real rest, this is the time needed to regenerate energy and labor. You should be wary of dangerous time thieves that are housework. Just pay attention not to mess around every day, you will save considerable time to rest. The work should be divided equally among family members.
Don't make friends with negative people. Make friends with people who make you proud every time you talk about them, people you admire, people who love and respect you, and people who make your day even a little brighter. Stay away from negative people:
- Run away from them
Because life is so short, it's a waste to care about those who have taken away all your joy.
In today's life, there are many times when you will feel that life is really tiring, suffocating, and even unable to walk anymore. If you think a little more simply, you will find that you are probably tired of life being too complicated.
If at some point in your life, you, unfortunately, fall into this exhausting situation. The most important thing is that you should not stop trying to perfect yourself in your journey toward a simple life. Remember the suggestions of Venerable Ones to help you understand human morality and also the things that help people make the right choices in their life.
1- A simple life is a happy life. So when you encounter any situation, you should not think about complicated. Once the mood is heavy, life is also tiring. Should put away bad memories in memory, and live a joyful, peaceful life with everyone.
2- Live in the world, don't be too calculated. Ancient says:
- A hundred things due to the mind, smiles solve thousands of sorrows.
A good heart is the best friend in life, it makes you happy, comfortable and peaceful, and healthy.
3- When you come of age, you must definitely let your mind be at peace. With reduce a little bit of anger and a little more leisure, your life will be peaceful and long.
4- The reason you are happy is that the mind is not entangled, although material possessions are not too much. But when the mind is affluent and large, it is the real wealth of human life.
5- As long as you live, that day is a benefit. Life is short, no need to regret the past. The sun goes down, the sun rises again, a day of sadness will pass, and a happy day then also will pass. So don't worry too much about trivial things. When your mind is at ease, your body will be at ease.
6- You live in the world, in fact, you don't need many things, as long as you live healthily, and sincerely love people, it is still considered a rich and prosperous life.
7- Between people and people is predestined. Between mind and heart is a kind of exchange and sharing. Between love and love is a kind of affection. Between love and affection is a kind of sincerity.
 Between mistakes and sins, all need some kind of forgiveness, then the sky is clear and the sea is calm.
8- Between people, you must give each other love for each other, and must be happy with helping others. Because, when you give roses to others, your hands will still have fragrance. Loving others is actually loving yourself. Bring your love to warm the hearts of others, then you are the warm rays of the sun.
9- The world is too big and people's hearts are too complicated, in the life of a gentleman and a small man is confused. People's hearts are very deep, but people in life like flashy, frivolous things, so you should not touch them to avoid trouble. You should think a little simpler because living in the world must adapt to all circumstances. You should take the win or lose a bit lightly, don't fight, and have fun chatting to understand each other is important. Especially to appreciate the people who treat you well, because once it's lost, you can't find it anywhere else.
In this life, being alive is winning, making money is the game, being healthy is essential, and being happy is what everyone wishes for. Those who know how to choose a quiet life, not noisy, but certainly not lonely.
In short, if you live simply, life will be peaceful. So create for yourself the things that make your life simple. In that simplicity, you can be sincere with those around you. Enjoy simple happiness, because if you keep engrossed in work without time to rest, it will make your mind heavy and uncomfortable. Therefore, take time to sip a cup of coffee on a calm morning, go for a walk, and chat with friends... This will help your spirit to relax more. You're not trying to please everyone, for the fact that you can't.
Learn to manage time. Each person only has 24 hours a day, but you know how to use it to do a lot of things and still have fun. And you can expand your relationships, make friends with many people to find this world interesting like John Lennon once said:
- Count your age by the number of friends, not the number of years. Count your life by smiles, not tears.
Remember, don't waste time complaining about things you never had. Take a look at what you've done from time to time. It will surprise you with your abilities. While practicing living a simple life, if you encounter an obstacle, you should slow down, not turn around. Always remind yourself like A.Braham Lincoln once said:
- I am a slow walker, but never backward.
 You must cherish the person who treats you well because once you lose it, you can't find it anywhere.
People's daily lives are rich, but also so complicated! Most of the chaos and suffering in life is caused by humans for each other! The best way to live a peaceful and happy life is to change yourself first! Change begins with self-reflection, then with changing the way you live, and changing your daily actions.
A simple life is a happy life, so cherish every moment of your life, because the passage of time has no return. Every day is impossible to repeat, so you must cherish every moment of your life, honor your parents, take care of those you love, and live happily through each day, thereby Learning to live a simple life is the most effective
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