By Nhất Quán


          In the literary of Vietnam, Mr. Nguyen Du said:
          - The sad scenery where people never have fun.
This sentence means that the surroundings are heartless, unhappy, and not sad. But the reason for having happiness or sadness is because of each person's thoughts. Indeed, when your mind is happy, you find that everyone is cute, so from that same story, or the way that speaks, you are very happy to receive. But when your mind is upset, also the same saying, the same gesture, but you get angry uncontrollably. Therefore, the phrase: The marks from the mind that arise, to say enough is:
          -  The mind causes the marks, and the view changes depend on the mind.
          According to the standpoint of Buddhism, believing that one's destiny is predestined in the previous life is based on the blessing and karma that person brings to this life. And according to the law of cause and effect of Buddhism also determined, once the karmic cause and effect are not yet decided, the destiny of a person can be improved for the better. This is due to that person's mental transformation. The mood shows their mental state and positive actions. When they are in a good mood mind, they will maintain their joy, their spirit will cheer up, and their natural fortunes will come, their evil predestined will disappear. 
          Therefore, in life, you should careful remember that you must maintain a positive mood mind, enthusiastic and honest attitude. Because once you lose it, whatever you do is difficult and hard to succeed.
          For the Buddhist Layman, on the way to study, the immediate thing is to learn how to adjust the mood mind, have a good working attitude, you will have an optimistic direction. Once you just do not lose direction, you will not lose yourself. The direction here is to say:
          - If the truth can not be changed, then you only can change yourself. 
          To decide to change yourself is truly the direction in the direction to go up and the direction of good that is the good adjustment of your own mood. Here are suggestions of all the Honoured Venerable:
          1. Restrain Desire Mind
          Human minds are hard to measure. Actually, you only know each them through their smile and behaviours, but you do not know what they want and think inside their mind. But for a greedy person, it's almost out of control. When satisfaction is not maintained, the greater the contrast that is formed, the more mentality will lose balance. People who are filled with greed and desires will find difficult to be peaceful and positive. Because the person's mind is always in the state of constant measurement calculation, the mind can not comfortable.
          2. Do Not Calculate Too Much
          If a person is too calculating, the immediate loss is friendship or loss of friendliness. Of course, human psychology no one likes to play with an overly calculating person. Indeed, because of calculating, compared measures with each other will kill the refreshment and joy of that person's life. As such, calculating not only kills friendship, friendliness, enjoyment but also loses one's luck. 
          3. Learn Forgiveness and Tolerance
          Do not keep in mind the past not memorable. Past stories are things that have happened, can not be changed, let it pass, so that can greatly reduce the affliction emotions, in the heart can be gentle and comfortable. In order to have a good mood mind, let's reduce the negative emotions. So, how to reduce these negative emotions? No resentment, no hatred show kindness is the noble realm. The ancient  language teaches:
          - Inhuman people, we can not be unrighteous
          Learning to forgiveness and tolerance of kindness to all sentient beings, letting go of resentment is the cause to be friendly to everyone. The one who does not resent nor gets angry is the one who reaches the realm of compassion.  
          In society from past until now, people who meet with resentment and can not let go are very difficult to do great things and live happily. A person who is indifferent when humiliated by others can be classified as:
           - One type is a person who is mentally depressed, lives temporarily, only knows to enjoy himself.
          - And the other type is a person with a high and far-sighted tendency, ability to stretch, patience to bear the burden, tolerance, and generosity mind. These are visionaries.
          In the old day, people often called these men is the generosity of the soldiers... These people were nobler than ordinary people, not only tolerating the difficult things but also forgiving the ordinary people who were hard to forgive. For religious learners, who often focus on the cultivating self-cultivation always focus on re-examining themselves and can use the tolerance mind and forgiveness for other people's shortcomings. That can not only improve one's own virtue but can also inspire and improve others.
          Confucius's student is Zi Gong, once asked him:
          - Sir, whether or not there is a word that can serve as a principle for a lifetime human being to follow? 
          Mr. Confucius said:
          - It is the word: Forgiveness.
          This forgiveness word is meant to be tolerant and generous, Buddhist Layman we often call forgiveness and tolerance. Learning forgiveness and tolerance we will neutralize evil predestine. Story:  
Once upon a time, a monk went to a wealthy family to become predestined when it was raining heavily. The Monk also asked to sleep in this rich man's home for one night. But the host refused to allow to sleep. Therefore, that monk had to sleep in front of gate's the house,  starving, and cold.
          Early the next morning, this housekeeper of the family opened the door of the gate, seeing the monk was all wet, shaking with cold. The Monk asked the host's name and surname and hurriedly left.
          Many years later, the Monk becomes the abbot of a large temple. The wife of the rich man wants to come to Temple to worship. As soon as she arrived at the temple gate, she could see her husband's name engraved on a board hung on a pillar place at the entrance. The rich man's wife found it extremely strange and went to asked a monk in the temple the reason. That monk said:
          - Because this owner had not given alms to a monk; so the abbot of the Temple of us engraved the host-name on the board.
          That rich man's wife angrily said:
          - Why is the abbot of your temple so small and narrow in the heart?
          The monk said:
          - It is not what you think! The abbot of our temple said that the homeowner did not give alms to the monk; certainly, there must be some unfortunate evil predestined relationships from the past life did not yet terminate. Therefore, the abbot engraved the owner of the house on that board. Every day, when chanting and recite the buddha's name he prayed for their families' peace, lucky and good fortune to neutralize that evil condition.    
          After hearing these words, the rich man's wife was deeply touched in her heart and immediately return home to tell her husband everything happens.
          The rich man, after listening to it, was extremely regretful, Immediately, he went to the temple to offer incense, thanks to the abbot monk. Since then, the rich family volunteered to provide the food, nourish all monks and repair the temple
          The short story tells us see that good deed can neutralize evil predestined. Resentment against each other does not go to the end. Just by using the compassion heart, no resentment, no hatred, extending the tolerance mind is a good solution.
          4. Keeping Peaceful Mind
          Keep your thoughts calm down, reduce your desire. Once the desire is reduced, the likelihood of favorableness increases, like this sentence:
          - Take a step back, the sky is high and the sea is wide!
          The teacher of the two emperors at the end of the Qing dynasty taught his students that:
          - Facing each big thing needs to keep a peaceful mind
          With tranquility, you can maintain a pure mind, see far and wide, see-through the depths of heaven and earth, and the law of all things. If you are tranquility, you can be brave in before any obstacle does not make you balk.
          Keeping your mind calm, you will meet whatever you will keep calm, then whether it is:
          - Lift heavy objects such as lifting light objects, you are not distracted by the negative emotion.
          5. Follow Natural
          Certainly, in everyone's life; more or less everyone will encounter troublesome things, Everyone has unexpected things. So, whenever you encounter unpleasant things; you should calm down and should learn to stick with nature to treat life. Such, you do not have to be annoyed, keep your mind calm, ease before everything that happens in life.    
          6. Review Old Stories To Know Present Story.
          Reading is also a process of fostering knowledge. Reading a lot, you will learn much new and strange knowledge; nurture a noble mind. Reading is not only for the intellectuals, but read the sage's book still is the way for us to learn experiences from the past to behave in the present life. 
          7. Self Believe
          No matter what the situation you encounter, you must have to faith in yourself, do not despise yourself, the ancients said:
          - If you want to be what kind of person you are, just try to do it, you will become like that person.
          Once you lose faith, do not trust yourself to do anything, even if you started working, you also did not dare to do it; How to say success?
With confidence, you can make lasting friendships. Because everyone who comes to you all is predestined. With confidence, you use the attitude not to hurt others, not to create a confrontation but to treat ơthers well, then people will be kind to you. If not being responded by others, but a person who always cherishes others, treats others well, then naturally you also have a good attitude, joy, and happiness. Only with confidence, using love, using a good personality to face your life, your own life will become more special.
          In life, though whatever happens, every day you need to maintain a mood confidence mind, happiness, and optimistic attitude. If you're having trouble, let's learn to comfort yourself and open your heart to yourself, making yourself stronger, and more confident to overcome.  
And moreover, use gratitude to see the world, use your heart to see the world, should not be able to calculate win or lose; Thank for all the works of others. The person who can do these things, their destiny definitely become better, luck will smile for them too.   
          In short, man in the world, rich and poor, good and bad, the destiny of a person is not natural, but due to good karma or bad karma, that person created. If the awareness is early, while the karma is not set yet, you should practice good karma, then the evil karma will change accordingly. Thereby, the method of practicing happiness, equanimity, tolerance, the forgiveness of faults of others. Because the injuries from outside does not affect you; just like the rocks on the beach, nothing more than makes the foam of the waves more white and beautiful. Remember that, the vast ocean does not lament, but tolerance it all.
          The Buddha house taught that a person who has debt must repay it. In the cycle of birth and death; you may have hurt others so now others hurt you. Therefore let's treat this as a way to repay them. The Ancients said:
          - Sitting quietly often consider your mistakes, talk not to remind the other's mistake.
          Keeping your mind calm, considering your own fault, not reminding others' fault, always keeping a bright smile on your lips, behaving in harmony with everyone in genuine love. Practicing like that, every karma will be destroyed, every blessing will be born. When the your mind is calm and peaceful, then good marks also from there born.
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