By Nhất Quán


The essence of Buddhism present in this world not only for the people who want to become enlightened but also train for Buddha's children has a moral quality. From do not know become a knowledge, from a cruel one become a gentle one. That means the Buddhist's doctrine will bring the benefit to million and million heart who has a mind towards the good. That way, in the Nikaya sutra the Buddha advice the Buddhist layman do not do evil jobs as follows:
1. Do not do the hunting job, because of the hunting job is very cruel job, to kill so many animals in the forest such as deer, monkey, fox, wild chicken, wild boar and so many other kinds of bird
2. Do not do the net fishing job, the net fishing also is a cruel job, because this job is specialized catch the fishes, shrimp, and other creatures underwater. etc
3. Do not do the job which sells meats, those are jobs that kill creatures like buffalo, cow, sheep, pig, chicken, duck, etc. The person living with this kind of job is call butchers. The butchers are the person who kills the cattle and retail every pound to the consumer. This kind of job also is very cruel, because they kill the cattle do not have any or a little mercy.
4. Do not do the cooked meat job, because of the person who sells the cooked meat is the job cook meat's creatures to make for food like rice, pig intestines soup, or beef intestines soup, etc. This kind of job also is very cruel. The person who does this job is lost compassion
5. Do not do the winemaking or selling wine job. Because of this kind of job make people drunk and addicted become a person lost memory who could yell his wife, children, brothers, sisters even neighbors, one can sleeping on the street do not recognize good or bad, clean or dirty, disturbance the family and community social.
6. Do not do the human trafficking job. The human trafficking job is the person who usually sells young girls to work as a prostitute. This kind of job is very cruel because these people usually use their power or money to force the poor girls or the poor family who has a girl sold as slaves for sex. Therefore many families were destroyed by the person who is the human trafficking job.
These kinds of jobs are a very cruel job because of torment subscription and kill the creature but the only purpose for self, and their family while they do not care for other creatures. As every people know, although the life of cattle is support for human life, it is the cause of many kinds of disease. One is transmitted from diseased animals, two is the bad karma from killing that one must be paid back. That is the Causal Law. That why we should know, in this world nobody gives free something for you, that is the human world, what situation is killing karma.
The people to make a living using the professions we mentioned above, they may make a lot of money, they may be rich, but they do not know every second to second the causal law is interfering with their life. As you know, the causal law does not forgive for any people. One does the cruel job, that person must be paid back the suffering. Usually, the causal law coming soon or later, that reason why somebody does something bad the result appears right away in this life, while there is somebody does bad things the result appears one or two life after. Until accepts the bad fruits one only calls heaven, but no one can help them.
Although the net fishing job is a very cruel job, in terms of living, there are some person và some of the job, the person has to do that kind of job, they already know that kind of job is very cruel but no choice
Besides the persons, because in term of living they have to do a cruel job, we still so many people in the present society, because of rich or there is nothing to do, or there are people very tired after work, they want to look for differing kind of pastime. There are people like to play a sport like: some like to play tennis, some like to swim, some like football, some like to take a picture, etc. 
Because people likes every different way so also there are many kinds of different entertainment. One of the entertainment, there are not little people like to spend their vacant time hunting or fishing. They are fishing for purpose entertainment, but that is not for their job for a living like fishermen. This kind of entertainment, first look over is very simple like other entertainment in this world. But with a look of Buddhism that is the most cruel entertainment and there are the worst karma.
In this lecture, the subject is net fishing's karma, so the detail of this lecture only concentrate on the net fishing's karma. When people fish, they hook the prey into the hook, the prey usually is The earthworm, the shrimp, or maybe the small fish. Let the fish eat the prey, the people have to hook the alive prey into the hook, which means the alive prey can move around. This is synonymous the creatures being stabbed through the body is very painful, and struggling looking for alive in hopeless
Although the thing is small, the bad karma is very big and very strong that can guide these stupid the person goes directly into hell. In that hell, the person who creates that bad karma has to accept the punish by red hot stick stab through their body as same as they hooked the prey into the hook. These bad karmas continue never stop after they die, but these people never know,  but just treat it as a small game. That is stupid human beings, so Buddha always talking about
Now we talk about the fishes, because hungry, and thirsty, so when they saw the prey that hid the hook inside, but they never know so they eat it, at that moment the fisherman snatch up and the hook into their mouth, eyes or throat. The fishermen are very happy with their success, while the fishes extremely painful and struggle in hopeless
The result of this bad karma is the present life the person who has chipped upper lip or lower lip or even no lip. Some of them there are no ears or no eyes. Sometimes the result of bad karma happens on their children, but they do not know. May be as they do not know the causal law, so they always happy, enjoy, laughing and satisfy their success.
About the killing's bad karma, in the Ksitigarbha Sutta, chapter 4 talking about Human Being's Karma, etc... There is an Arahat because the loving kindness of Quang Muc wants to rescue his mother from hell. In meditation, the Arahat saw mother's Quang Muc mother in hell very suffer. The Arahat asks Quang Muc:
- Your mother when she still alive, what kind of job does she did? With that bad karma, she has to enter hell to accept such suffering.
Quang Muc answer:
My mother likes to eat fish, tortoise, and their eggs. Some time she cooks, sometimes she fries, she eats a lot, if I calculate maybe thousand and thousand times much more.  Dear Venerable, please tell me, what can I do and how can I rescue my mother from hell?
At that time, the Arahat gave adviser to Quang Muc that:
You must sincerely chant the name of the Buddha Thanh Tinh Lien Hoa Muc. Besides that, you can do that Buddha's statue or draw that Buddha's picture. If you do so, you can get both parts merit: One for you and one for your mother.
After hearing the advice Arahat, Quang Muc immediately gives up everything he likes, and because pray for his mother, so his determination draws Buddha's pictures and does that Buddha's statue. After he completes the statue, and he prays for his mother, at that midnight he dreams the Buddha's statue with yellow light very bright, and from that statue release the yellow light out, and tell Quang Muc that:
- Not very long after, your mother will reborn to your family, right after delivery the baby knows the cold and hungry 
Because of Quang muc do a lot of merit for his mother, so Quang Muc's mother can alive until 13 years old, after pass away and reborn to the rich family and long-living until 100-year-old. After contentment of this life, right away she will reborn to the No-Worry heaven, at this heaven she long-living can not calculate, and after all, she becomes a Buddha, and salvation the human being and beings in heaven a lot of similarly the sand of Ganges River
At here, we can see Quang Muc's mother is not a fisherman, but only eat a lot of fishes, turtles, and their eggs, so that the result of bad karma very terrible, right away enter hell, and die very young when reborn. Because of Quang Muc do a lot of merits, offering the buddha's statues to pray for mother, hence that his mother reborn to a rich family and long-living. Certainly, that is very difficult to do, but Quang Muc did, that reason why he rescued his mother from hell and terminating the killing karma
And here is the second Killing karma, this story already records in the Tripitaka Sutra. This record talking about the  Crystal King who kills all the Sakya families.
In the past, in Savatthi City, there is a big pond there are a lot of fishes, the big fishes and small fishes live together. Unfortunately, meet the drought season, these fishes exposed on the shoal, so the people in this city catch them and eat, while the king of fish rolling on shoal because of the weather too hot. At that time a young boy who ate the only vegetable come and see the people in the city catch fish. He saw a big fish swimming in the mud, he uses the stick hit at the head of big fish three times and leaves.
At Kapilavastu City, on the times Siddhārtha Bodhisattva comes down to this world at the kingdom Kapilavastu was ruled by king Suddhodana. When growing up Siddhārtha Bodhisattva leaves his kingdom to become ascetics. After six-year to practice ascetic and then seat meditation for 49 day-nights under the bodhi tree, after all, the bodhisattva enlightens and become the Sakyamuni Buddha. on the way preachers usually there are two great disciples that are Sāriputra and Moggallāna. When the Buddha returns to visit the family, King Suddhodana has built the golden house for Buddha to give the dharma lecture. During Buddha's absence, the Crystal Prince at that time he was 7 years old, while play around, he climbs on the golden chair where Buddha seat to give the dharma lecture. At that time the musketeers pushed Crystal Prince outside, although obey to go out, but in the deepest inside of the mind very angry, and intention one day will be revenge. When Crystal Prince growing up, after killing Pasenadi King and become Crystal King. He remembers at the young at the Royal Kapilavastu was pushed out by the musketeers, so he decides to bring the great troop to destroy the kingdom Kapilavastu. He catches the men and women of the Sakya family and kills all, he put some in the tunnel under the ground until die because there are no foods and water. The Buddha's great disciple is venerable Moggallāna request Buddha let him use the magic to rescue the Sakya Family, Buddha said:
- No, that is the bad karma in the past of my Sakya Family that needs to pay back. In the past, the people had caught and eaten those fishes in the pond in Savatthi City of the old-time, the people in that city in the past, now is my Sakya Family. The boy 13-year-old use the stick hit 3 times on the head of the big fish at that time, today is me, and the big fish at that time now is Crystal King. While the Crystal King brings his great troop to destroy the kingdom Kapilavastu, I got a headache 3 days, that is the result I hit 3 times on the head of big fish, so I and my Sakya Family have to accept, all of you do not worry.
That is the story retribution in the books, in the Tripitaka Sutra, because of the old stories when reading so many people thought those stories using to preachify people, remind people do not do the bad karma. Therefore so many people do not believe, they only believe what they see. They thought the causal law is a kind of superstition, can not believe it. However, there are so many approve the retribution is the truth. As you can see somewhere on the internet that many people already share:
The story told: Two or three years ago, there is a fishing club in Thailand, at the begin, there are so many members, and the activity is very uproarious. But after that, the number of members is a decrease and finally dissolution. The cause is there are two members of this fishing club confrontation with many strange things, so make people not dare to fish anymore.
1. Passionate About Net Fishing, Dead For Fishing
One day on Sunday, brother Aban with his wife return to the family to a happy birthday for his mother-in-law, his wife's family is a famous family at that local. Therefore the party on that day there are so many people attended and there are many kinds of food.
As a member of the fishing club, brother Aban not only like to net fishing, that he also likes to eat fish belly and fish intestines. That reason why when he saw the big fish on the table, he is very excited to want to eat it immediately
Aban's brother-in-law sits at the opposite with Aban hurry up come to help him but at that time the eyes's Aban becomes white and his breath becomes very weak. All of the people become panic and immediately call 911 to bring him to the hospital, but so sorry, at midway Aban is pass away.
When the doctor makes the body examination to looking for the cause make Aban die, at that moment everybody was shocked because of the doctor find out the hook inside the fish's intestine that Aban just swallow is a hook at his pharynx, with that reason which Aban can not swallow, and also can not take it out, so the more drag the hook more stick deep inside Aban's pharynx.
Aban's friend and his relative saw such happen, every people all right away thinking about he did the net fishing previously. The experiencing and the technique of Aban's fishing are very well, even every people can not fish, but he still catches very much fish.
At the time Aban passes away very terrible, two eyes blatant up, the mouth opens very wide, the hook lay inside his pharynx. This spectacle strange make people shivering fear. The final words every people said: The bad karma always follows a person who did badly like a body with its shadow.
2. Lips Sores Treat Not Healed
The second member of the net fishing club that is Mr. Duong Nhu Ich who is also professional fishing and he attained the twice champion in the two times of the net fishing competition.
 At that night, after attending a friend's funeral, he drove his car very fast to go home, during that time he saw a big river suddenly torrential cross over the street. To avoid the car run straight into the river, he tries to brake, right away he heard a big bang, and his car hits directly to the pole light on the side of the street.
Every people do not surprise when Mr. Duong drove his car very fast that the caused accident, but the strange is the wound everywhere on his body healed, but except the wound at his lips and mouth, although the doctor tries to treat many any kind of medicine, the lips and mouth still not heal.
He was very difficult to chew the foods because all his teeth were broke, so in more than a month he only uses the straw to swallow eats the kind of liquid food. The wounds at upper lips, lower lip, and mouth although the doctor already suture many times, but still not heal. It is very strange, each time after suture the wound seem to heal, but right the next day the wound swelling again.
The wounds were healed and then ulcer comes back like the previous wound in a couple of months was make Mr. Duong very suffer. At this moment, the mouth's Mr. Duong look like the fish's mouth was hook by the hook but he does not know, until one day his wife comes to visit him at the hospital, she was very surprise and told him:
-  Look at your mouth! your mouth looks like as a fish swallow the hook
The word of his wife like a magic medicine suddenly to wake him up. He remembers each time to catch the fishes, he usually tears the fish's mouth. At this time, he feels sin and extremely repents knowing this is the result of the net fishing's karma of him. Therefore, He and his wife buy the flowers and fruits go to the temple, knee in front of Buddha he is sincerely repent, and promise do not dare to net fishing anymore.
It is strange, from that his lips and mouth gradually heal, and from that he effort to do the good things, with only hope to compensate the bad things he did in the past. At the same time, he usually tells to friends about his suffering experience and recommends friends do not net fishing anymore. Right after that the net fishing club dissolution.
Such, there is the retribution very clear, however, many people did not believe and using the net fishing as an entertainment, But truly, that is an entertainment very cruel. Imagine, when you hook the hook very sharp inside the fish's mouth, this pain's feeling the people unbearable. Use the good heart to treat other people, take good care of our minds, and do not looking for entertainment on the pain and death of other creatures. If you do not do so, in the ignorant you will make the bad karma, when you rewarded by the bad karma, at that time you repent but it is too late.
Because of such terrible's karma, therefore the people who do this kind of cruel job, if possible should look for another kind of job, do not need to do this kind of job anymore. Every catching the fishes is every time creates the karma's killing, because of the big fishes, the small fishes with their eggs countless numbers. So the one who kills one fish that means the one kills a lot of fish, and such, the sins of that person have to get is high more than a hundred, thousand times what one did. When who's that did create the karma of killing the creatures, sometimes the result of bad karma appears right at this life, sometimes late to next life, but a sure thing that person has to pay back, but we do not know early or late.
Conclusion, although the fishes that you catch even you eat or not, you are the one who causes guiding to the death of the creatures. Once you are the culprit killed lives, then you have to accept the responsibility of the bad karma. To killing is create resentment and vengeance, because of the animal there is no wisdom, but if they have and then they revenge surely create a terrible bloodletting.
We could say, the fishing also considered is entertainment, one has to spent a lot of time and energy, especially those rich people or the people there are nothing to do. But two of among entertainment are the net fishing and the hunt are not gentle entertainment but attached with the killing's karma the creatures. As a Buddhist layman consider this is a cruel entertainment, it's not good entertainment, it will be harmful to this life and the next future life. So a Buddhist layman does not attend to this kind of entertainment.
We are a Buddhist layman, we already have a right standpoint, a concept of how to live a very good life to contribute nature protect, feeding the heart compassion and practice as Buddha teaching. Besides that, we still have much another benefit activity for the mind and body, for this life and the next future life better more than the entertainment by the fishing such as practice nursing, walking in meditation, walking, plant the trees and other activities useful for social.
We know that every people has their own karma, so to choose the fishing is also their own karma. As you know the retribution of fishing is very terrible as I mention above, so if you have a chance, you should share this information with your friend, for your relative, your neighbor or any people who like to fishing to know about this. For them to recognize the fishing behavior does not good, because of to create the bad karma, destroy the environment, to help them change the bad fishing karma becomes the other entertainment activities more helpful.
Buddha knows very clearly about the cause and effect, good and evil, so He wants his disciples to escape from suffering. He always prohibits do not allow the Buddhist layman to do a cruel job, although that kind of job easy to make money, but that is not the right job for a living. Therefore he wants his disciples to live with happiness no more suffering.
Buddha also reminds us that, in daily activities, we already create bad causes, so to accept the suffer effect forever in life. Because we ourselves are not any people or any god bring the bad to us. Also, there are no saints, no Boddhisatva or any Buhdha bless the merit to us. Please keep in mind that.
The causal law is very fair, we do it ourselves, we have to suffer, the other people can not replace for us. Therefore, nobody brings the suffering for us but by ourselves, also nobody brings luck for us but by ourselves.
Many people did not see the righteousness of Causal Law, therefore in life they just see what kind of job they can make easy money, even the killing animals' job, but easy to make money they will right away copy, but they do not know that job was very extremely cruel. From their action kill the animals and making suffering to creatures, therefore, right he himself, even all family have to accept the suffering results from this person to another person.
As a Buddha disciple, a Buddhist layman must note these six kinds of cruel jobs and must obey the teaching of Buddha is find right away the happy life, the peace of the individual and our family.
If as in this life you can make a lot of money from the kill of the animal, although the present life is very rich, everything excess. But you must know these properties does not come from the animal killing, which is your accumulation from the previous life. No matter what the profession you all get rich because of in yourself already have money, but with the person, he himself there is not have money although do any kind of job still can not make money. That reason to explain why also the kind of job like a restaurant, fast food, market, store, etc, there are many people get rich, but there are many people do not get rich and bankruptcy
From this information, we should recognize, the person can make money is in he himself there is money, that means in the past he already accumulates many good deeds. Therefore, no matter any kind of job is still to make money. But making money from the killing of creatures is not stable, so when you have no more merit then you have to accept the bad retribution. That is the people who choose that job to live, but if you are because of the entertainment that net fishing or hunt although you think for fun, the true this is an action creates terrible karma. We are the Buddhist Layman who must be early awareness and stop right away this cruel entertainment.
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