By Nhất Quán


The Golden Jewel Word of Buddha already told us about the dangers of passion to play cards. The persons like to play card look like a magnet that when two magnets put nearly it will stick together can not separate. Similarly, as a person who likes to play a card when he passes by the casino is certainly he must step inside that can not stop. Because people's ignorance do not aware of the truth of the trap of gambling, knowing that go to those places, and then start to play the game is that person does not have a penny in the wallet to go home. But, many people still bring their body to that place because they thought for fun, but the truth is looking for suffering.
Buddha already sees and Right Understand when using the Right Viewing thinking about the playing card passions and other passions can not control. Therefore Buddha taught his disciples, but the most are the Buddhist layman about the dangers of passion to play a card to keep far away it.
The reason, when the six organs as eyes, ear, nose, tongue, body and mind contact with scenes as sight or visible objects, sounds, smell, taste, touch, and idea, thought, or mental objects and then create out six consciousness as sight consciousness, hearing consciousness, scent consciousness, taste consciousness, body-consciousness, and mind-consciousness. When a person in contact with hobbies plays around, the mind of that person becomes black-dark, at those times only do what the passion guiding, but not thinking after look back the wallet there not having a penny, at that time in the mind fun or sorrow.    
To take control of our minds, daily we must be protection our six organs if we are not protected our six organs seriously, our mind is very easy to run everywhere and pursue a dangerous passion. When we release our mind no control, at that time the hundred or thousand kinds of suffering, afflictions also from there arisen.
Once, our mind always thinking about gain or loss in the casino is our behavior express through the act and also the language with insiders. There are no fewer people the mind always thinks about the gain or loss in casino, therefore in their mind arisen the attachment, so they ready left the job and every day has to bring their body into the casino, spent all day there.
Buddha of teaching who still desire about to play cards that never have a happy life neither help for the family, nothing to do for communities, social, even more, It is impossible to practice the religion of liberation. Because of the passion for play cards that the mind of person becomes crazy and creates many cruel. The mind of a person who passions for play cards has such a strong charismatic power because of the mental desire to play cards that people have to get a hundred, thousand such suffering. This is the cause the people drifted in the samsara of birth and death, that is:
- Heaven, A Su La, Human being, Animal, Hell, and Hungry ghost,
Because of the ignorance the people can not awareness the truth of suffering, therefore the person runs after that round and rounds no way to escape. The people already know the mental desire to play cards is the uncle of poor and hungry, illness, and dangerous. Many people that especially the young man do not see that, so forever run after that.
Lady and gentleman should know, what people call is entertainment or for fun to release the stress that is the only temporary and very fragile. That is the entertainment of constraint, clinging is dominated by the cheat of gambling from the people who know to calculate very well.
At the first moment, you step into the casino is fun because at that time there are nobody gain or loss, so in the mind of people still calm, there is nothing stress or hurry up, the behavior of the people at the group of Play cards is still respecting to each other. But over time, there are some people who gain, there are some people lost, some of them gain is fewer, but lost too much, at that time there is no more respect for each other, they are start argument, yell to each other.
Buddha teaching:
- A person, Because of the mind of desire to play cards is already infiltrating and reign on the body and mind so it makes his body and mind become black-dark.
Dìgha Nikàya Sutra II, Sigàlovàda sutta Buddha already told about the dangers of passion to play cards. There are six dangerous:
- If the person who wins, so many person enmities him.
- If the person lose, in his mind become sorrow
- The properties at the present time become nothing
- The words of the person who lost properties because to play cards there are no value at the public
- The friends become contemptuous.
- The person who is the passion for play cards unworthy to marry.
As we already know, play cards, gamble, black and red game, we can say that is the passion of many people. Normal, at times the family reunites, at the festival, and the most is the first day of the new year, usually people look for fun by play cards, and some other kind of game, they just spent a little money, but the main is for fun.
However, there is very few people's awareness to stop the right time that the majority of several people so greedy, angry, and ignorant, therefore, they make more mistakes. At the beginning just only for fun on the first day of the new year, the days of the festival but after that until monthly and around the year. From to play for fun to the small of amount money to large amount money and then continue to gain and lose, until pledge property and at last, total lost do not remain anything.
A greedy, lazy, wrong view, so believe about the luck or unluck that is the characteristics of the people passion gamble. Enter the world of red and black of the gamble that means the person has to face to face with danger waiting on the front. According to the enlightenment of Buddha, there are six kinds of danger for the people who are the passion for gamble as I already mention above. One of the six dangers for the people who are the passion for a gamble, if win that person is not sure security for life. Besides the people win, there are many people loss, those people, the money in the account, in the saving, the properties gradually left their hand. So every people already knowing, there are many people lost a lot of money, so what do they do when they have nothing to lose. Because they need money continuing gamble with the hope gain money back, therefore by anyway to get money, even steal, or kill people to rob property, They will not refuse any kind of action to have money to continue gamble
Today gambling forms, the various metamorphosis to penetrate into everywhere, every level in the society, and also in the Virtual World through gamble as lottery, betting or in the sports games, etc. In the virtual world, the internet also has a gamble to stimulate the greed of people. Therefore, more than ever as a Buddhist layman we must have the right livelihood, which means we have to look for the right job is the most important. Give up the virtual thought is good luck and bad luck, adjusted the bad habit is a passion of gamble and also must leave far away from several forms of entertainment not healthy that is the action the Buddhist layman needs to practice.
If we do not early awareness that always runs after the gamble is as the people who hit the javelin but do not know. In the Samyutta Nikàya Sutra II, Chater 6, part 1. Talking about the turtle as following:
- The time, Buddha resident at Sàvatthi, at that time Buddha teach to Bhikshus:
Monks, once upon a time, there is a turtle live in the pond of water, then this turtle told to another turtle:
- Don't go to that area
Another turtle does not listen to and go to that area, right away the hunter launching javelin has rope hit right on the back of this turtle. When seeing this turtle come, the turtle in the pond of water ask:
- Hey you, does the hunter shoot you, do you have any injury?
- No, I do not have any injury, The hunter did not shoot me, but there is a javelin include a rope sticky on my back.
- Hey friend, you already injury! The hunter already shoot javelin has a rope on your back!
Because of this kind of materials that our brother, sister, parent fall into disaster and unfortunate.
Hey Bhikkhus! The hunter is a metaphor for the devil, javelin is metaphor for benefits, fame, and reverence. The rope is a metaphor for greed. Any Bhikshu monk or Bhikshu nun who still passion the benefits, fame, and reverence and living in the passion of love that mean that bhikshu was hit by the javelin, these Bhikshus falls into the disaster, at that time the devil who can do anything they want.
The benefits and fame are two of the very attractive in the world, so when one did not deduct the mind of the desire of oneself, of course, we are being attracted to the five kinds of desire. The problem here, is there the one recognized these dangers, and then oneself controls and regulates the mind and body on the front of the hurricane of desires?
The story of a turtle, the hunter shot a javelin have the rope on the back of the turtle, but the turtle does not know he is in disaster, it make us think. Maybe, sometimes in our minds also stick with the javelin of fame and profit, but we do not know, because we do not feel any hurt, and also do not have any problem. That as the same as the turtle, due to the tortoiseshell on the very thick so he does not feel hurt, as the same as we are, the desire too much so we do not feel anything.
Always do the good deed, good karma or train your mind is the one very good. However, take care of your compassion, service for a human being for last long in the spirit non-ego is truly not easy. Because when you are successful, it is very easy to make the ego become conceit. Once your ego present is the greed and the attach also begins to arise, thus a javelin has the rope appear and the control of the devil will happen to follow.
Therefore, always the awareness of the danger of the profit, fame, reverence, so there is no passion for the sweet of desire, we can preventive the javelin aimed at us.
If sometimes the hunter easy control the turtle was caught by the javelin does what he wants, so the as the same as us when we are passion the sweet of desire profit, fame, etc... At that time we also were controlled by the devil, so we are similar as the fishes were hooked by the hook, can not swallow down either release out. These things, Buddha already told us in the Samyutta Sutra, Ocean chapter, the Fisherman, The Sutra said:
Once Buddha resident at Ràjagaha, in mango garden Jivaka. At that time Buddha calls the Monks:
Hey Monks, like one person fish in a deep lake, he tosses into the water a hook with prey. One fish eat the prey and swallow the hook. So, Hey Monks, that fish swallow the hook so going to the unfortunate, go to distress, so the hunter he can do anything he wants.
At the same as, Hey Monks, There are the 6 hooks in life guiding to unfortunate for the sentient being, bring to disastrous for the living being. What are those six hooks?
Hey Monks, there are the visible objects that were sawed by the eyes, from that there are happy, joy, love, attractive, etc are relative to desires, if you enjoy, praise, attachment, and passion in these visible objects. So hey monks, these people swallowed the hook of the devil, these people going to the unfortunate, distress and the devils can do what they want.
And, when the ears, nose, tongue, body and, mind when contact with the sounds, smell, taste, touch, and idea, thought, or mental objects, etc. all is the same as the eyes when contacting the visible objects, etc. At that time, the devils can do what they want.
The senses of the human are the tools to use to recognize the objective world and also use to recognize the internal mind of every sentient being. That senses, in the Sutra of Buddha, called that is the organs. The protective and control these organs are one of many ways to cultivate very important in Buddhism. We can say, from these six organs that every people can build for our own a happy, peaceful, liberty world or contrast is a suffering, negativity and depression world.
When the senses contact its objects, as eyes contact with the visible objects, ear heard the sound, etc... then the desire mind arises and the owned dream formed. And hence the people try hard by anyway to seek, conquer for owned desire satisfy. Buddha said:
- This behavior as same as the fishes swallow the hook with the desired prey of the devils, and at that time the Devil can do anything he wants
Agree that try hard to build the perfect life, affluence is the purpose of the human being. But, because of the desired mind never satisfy, therefore the life forever is the way toward in the dominant of the desire and ignorance. In fact, we are suffering is not because we lack something, but because the mind desire too big, dream too much. Therefore, If we keep in mindfulness when six organs contact the six objects as do not attractive, not run after that, not lose ourselves we avoid the hooks of the devils.
We are living in this world, but we do not contaminate the dirt, which depends on we are know how to cultivated to control and protect the six organs.
Buddhism to endorse the life there is sweet, that is the kind of happiness is very fragile. The six organs as eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body, and mind. And what the people feel from visible objects, sound, smell, taste, touch, and idea, thought, or mental objects. This dharma all by predestined arising, impermanent, suffering, no-ego. In other words, everything in this world although good or bad, happy or unhappy, all everything will be changing, and there is nothing is permanent. So, the danger of passions, we can understand follow the nature law: There is arise, of course, it will be destroyed.
Another way, the dangers of life also we can see from the desires and selfishness of the people. Once, the desires want to possess and satisfy the sweet entertainment on life, the human does not care about any moral and falling to the evil behavior, dispute, wars, invasion, and harm to each other creating the suffering for oneself and other people. This is what happens almost around the world  
When you see the danger of the mind of desire and understand the body impure. The human wants no more suffering, then should thinking about it to right understand, right perception this life to live in the moral life, do not create the suffering oneself and other people. That is liberation.
In conclusion, when you have less passion, you have the less suffering. Termination the passions, then do not have the danger to yourself. In the technique metallurgical, the remove the impurities from the gold is one of the stages the most important to make the pure gold. As the same as, in the field of mind training, the most important is removed the unclean, dirty out of the mind, and then you will have the pure mind.
If you want your body and your mind peace, first and the most important you must jump over the five obstacles those are desire, anger, ignorance, egotistical, and doubt. Those are the five impurities, unclean making our mind attachment to desires from that making the obstacles our peace mind. Therefore the begin to clean up our mind that means first we must purification these five obstacles.
Our mind is never quiet, that always agitated, only sit quietly a couple of minutes we are easy to recognize right away. Therefore, the first step to practice for the peace mind, the five obstacles will cause big problem make us difficult reaching to mindfulness. However, if we diligent to concentrate our mind on purpose such as: following the in-breath and out-breath, counts the name of Buddha, or keep the mind with the mantra, at the same time we record very clearly about the appearance, stay or go of the five obstacles, and also other afflictions if possible. Such, gradually we establish the mindfulness, we will peace in reside stably in our subject
Mindfulness is a very good weapon to destroy the five obstacles. Therefore, practicing to develop regular mindfulness to the highest states that is the foundation important of the peace mind. Controlling and transforming the five obstacles that are we step on the new stage the road to sublimation of mind.
From the first basic, with effort about the peace mind, we destroy the ten fetters, which meant we already cross over a long road stage that controls our desire mind, angry, and ignorance, at that time we are not run after the danger passion anymore. 
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